The company profile

The firm Arvel of Ardesi G. & C. S.n.c. has been present on the market of metal-working for twenty years. The firm is born as specialized in the production of stainless steel handles for pots and pans and kitchen accessories. It has always demonstrated a good relation between quality and price, testified by the fidelity of the world wide famous names on the kitchen-ware market.
Now the firm Arvel S.n.c. has shifted its twenty-year experience and its technology to a wider market as that of the accessories for the bathroom and furnishing objects, because its machines, as for example Numerical Control bending-machines, can be used also for the production of this type of wire particulars.
In this new field, too, the firm Arvel S.n.c. has already acquired a good number of important clients.
The firm works on commission, but it avails itself also of the cooperation of an Italian Designer to study and satisfy all the requests of its old and new clients. Mr Giuliano Ardesi and his son Massimiliano, who studies and projects with the CAD system the particulars to create, co-operate to garantee the best service and product for their clients.